Online Business Information/Internet Cash Management

Description of Services to be Provided

AuburnBank provides an Internet based Online banking solution.  Our Online banking service delivers Real-Time interactive information solutions to our retail and commercial customers.  Online banking enables our customers to connect with AuburnBank via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days each week except for brief periods for maintenance.  These maintenance periods are scheduled for late night periods to avoid customer inconvenience.

AuburnBank's Online banking system provides:

Account Information Inquiry:

  • Opening and Current/Closing ledger balances
  • Opening and Current/Closing collected balances
  • Previous day's debit and credit detail
  • Detailed information on cleared checks (including front and back images)
  • ACH debit and credit detail
  • Wire Transfer debit and credit detail
  • Statement Retrieval/Viewin
  • Check Image Viewing (front & back of all checks/deposit slips)
  • Online funds transfer between accounts
  • Online Loan Payments
  • Current Transaction Listing
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Product and Rate Information
  • File downloads in several formats including comma delimited and excel format
  • Check Orders
  • Wire Transfers
  • ACH Transaction Originations
  • ACH File Upload
  • Stop Payment Order
  • Upload of Payroll direct deposits                                   
  • Upload of Utility billing bank drafts
  • Provides transactions and balance alerts via email to any email capable device including cell phones, PDAs, etc.
  • Secure email communication with AuburnBank.
  • "Real-Time" balance information, all transactions (including those done by tellers) and debit card transactions are   "real time" and are reflected immediately on the system

AuburnBank's Online security goes far beyond that of most internet banking solutions in meeting or exceeding federal regulatory guidelines.  Our Online solution features multiple levels and types of security throughout the product design, as well as during the customer's banking sessions.  The security features require certain protocols to ensure all data is encrypted industry leading firewalls, custom designed architecture, unique identifiers and passwords, and continual suspect monitoring and reporting.  Consistent invalid ID attempts result in user "lock out" and suspect reporting.  Customers will also be "logged off" after a period of inactivity.

The service does provide the ability to transfer funds between accounts.  Authorized personnel can have access to all accounts or to only
selected accounts, and can have either "view only" or "view and transfer" 
capability.  Additionally, employees can be given the ability to upload ACH, transmit wires, or download information on a "per user" basis.
The business' designated administrator(s) can grant or revoke  authorities to subscripted services, including changing individual's wire limits provided the limits for a given user do not exceed that mutually agreed to between the Customer and the Bank for the Customer as a whole.

Additionally, dual control can be required on both wires and ACH transmissions to enhance security.  The only functions the bank must perform are the initial setup, maintaining overall ACH and wire limits, and adding any new accounts into the cash management system.  However, the bank will assist in maintaining user ID accounts by phone, fax, secure email, or in person as desired.

AuburnBank's ACH system can originate both credits (for such functions as payroll) and debits (for paying vendors).  Files need to be transmitted to the bank by noon of the business day preceding the effective date of the file.  The system fully supports standard NACHA files as well as "prenote" capabilities.  If the business currently generates a standard NACHA file, then only minimum testing of sending on dummy transmission to the bank would be required.  In the event of an ACH issue affecting the whole ACH file, the business will be contacted by telephone. 

To learn more about how AuburnBank can help your business using our Internet Services, please either fill out the form below or call us at 334-821-9200 or 1-888-988-2162 option 0 outside of the Auburn/Opelika area.

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