FAQ: Online Banking

Enrolling in AuburnBank Online

What does it cost to use Online Banking?

  • AuburnBank Online Banking - Free for all consumer checking accounts.
    AuburnBank Cash Management Online Banking for Business - Monthly fee of $10.00.
    Preferred AuburnBank Online Business Banking - Your business is enrolled in online banking for FREE if you are using our Remote Deposit Capture product.  Charges apply for RDC.

What are the requirements for enrolling in AuburnBank Online?

  • You need the following to enroll in Online Banking:
    • An existing account at AuburnBank. If you are not an existing customer, find a location near you to open an account.
      Your account must have your Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number associated with it.
      Internet access, including a personal email address that is on file with AuburnBank.
      An Internet browser that supports secure communications. Online Banking is viewed best with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Other browsers may work but the display and printing of pages may not be ideal.

What if I am not eligible for a Social Security number (SSN)?

  • If you are not eligible for a SSN, you can file with the IRS for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). The forms for obtaining an ITIN are available online at www.irs.gov.

How long after I apply can I start using AuburnBank Online?

  • You can begin using online banking as soon as your online enrollment request has been received and validated, which takes about three minutes to complete.

Features and Benefits of AuburnBank Online

What are the features and benefits of AuburnBank Online Banking? Enroll using this link!

  • Banking with AuburnBank is now more convenient than ever. With AuburnBank Online you can:
    • • Enroll in electronic statements that can be viewed online for up to 18 months.
      • Check your account balances.
      • See your most recent transactions.
      • Transfer funds between qualifying accounts.
      • View images of cleared checks and deposit slips.
      • Automatic enrollment in Mobile Banking if your account meet our requirements.

How long is my account activity available?

  • The service will accumulate and store up to 180 days of activity. If you sign up for online e-statements, they are available up to 18 months.

Can I transfer funds between my accounts?

  • Yes, you can transfer funds from any qualifying AuburnBank account(s) to any other qualifying account(s) at AuburnBank you are an owner on.

How do I sign up for AuburnBank Online Bill Pay?

  • To pay your bills online, you must first enroll in AuburnBank Online banking. To add Bill Pay to your existing AuburnBank Online banking service, just click on the Bill Pay tab and accept those terms and conditions to begin.

How do I sign up for AuburnBank Online e-Statements?

  • To view your monthly statements online, you must first enroll in AuburnBank Online Banking. To add Online eStatements to your existing AuburnBank Online banking service:
    • •Sign in to Online Banking.
      •Click on the eStatements link.
      •Complete the questions and accept the agreement.
      •Follow all steps to validate that you can view statements on your computer.
      •Choose which accounts you want to receive Online Statements by clicking in the Enroll column.

Can I view my cleared checks and deposit tickets online?

  • Yes, you can now view the front and back of all checks cleared on your account, and deposit tickets, for free. To view your check images, follow these easy steps:
    • •Sign in to Online Banking.
      •Click on the account name for the transactions you want to view.
      •Click the underlined Ref/Check No link next to the transaction you would like to view.

How does paying bills online work?

  • Using AuburnBank Online Bill Pay is a total bill management solution.  It allows you to receive, manage, and pay all of your bills online directly through your bank account.  A majority of billers are paid electronically right out of your account automatically based on the schedule you set, or as a one-time payment if you prefer.  If AuburnBank does not have an electronic payment relationship with a biller, we will mail a check directly to the biller for you.  There is no need to do anything different, except that you may want to schedule payments for check billers earlier due to longer delivery times.  The total bill management solution also allows you to manage all your billing statements from one place online.  It acts as your bill payment mailbox.  You no longer have to receive paper bills and send out checks in the mail.  With total bill management eBilling, bills come electronically and they are paid based on the instructions you have set up, or you are reminded that a bill is due.  It is that simple!

What bills can I pay online?

  • You can pay almost anyone you receive a billing statement or invoice from for anywhere in the United States excluding government entities and court-ordered payments.  We have information on most payees so all you need is your account number.  If we do not have the information on the payee you are trying to make a payment for, just setup the payee once by entering their billing address for your account and your account number.

How do I get started paying bills?

  • To pay bills online, you must first be enrolled in Online Banking.  As an AuburnBank Online user, you must also apply for Bill Pay.  You must accept the Terms and Conditions prior to  submitting your application.  You will receive an email with log in credentials after your application is processed.

How do I know the payment will arrive on time?

  • Payment timing can vary by payee, and delivery dates are based on the way payments are delivered to payees.  If your payee has electronic payment capability, it will take about two days for your payee to receive your payment.  If we have to send a check, it could take up to four days for your payee to receive your payment.  Payee lead times, the amount of time your payee requires to process a payment, may also vary.  AuburnBank’s Bill Pay includes a calendar, which can help you determine when you should schedule a payment based on the payee’s delivery method and their lead times.  When making your payments, just select the appropriate Send On date, and the calendar will automatically display the Deliver by date for that payee.  The earliest available date for payees may vary based on delivery method and payee processing times. Please note that payee posting and cut-off times vary.  Please check with your biller for exact details on how payments are credited to your account.

Can I set up reminders for bills that need to be paid?

  • Yes.  You can set up your own reminders for any bills that need to be paid.  We will automatically display the amount and the number of days remaining until a payment is due right in your payee list.

What is an eBill?

  • An eBill is an electronic version of your paper bill that you can receive directly into AuburnBank Bill Pay, which you can then view and pay immediately.  eBills are available for many payees and you can set up eBills only for the payees you choose.  Once you have an eBill setup for a payee and start receiving it, you may choose to have your payee stop sending you a paper bill as you will receive it in AuburnBank Bill Pay.  It typically takes 1-2 billing cycles for you to begin receiving your bill online.
    Accessing Your Accounts

Do I need extra software or hardware to use AuburnBank Online banking?

  • No extra software is necessary. You can access your AuburnBank accounts from any PC that has Internet access.

Does the service work with my existing Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

  • Yes, AuburnBank Online will work with any internet service provider.

What type of accounts can I access with AuburnBank Online banking?

  • Once you have enrolled, you can access any deposit account and mortgage or loan account you own.


How does AuburnBank protect my accounts from Internet fraud?

  • Our service uses the latest Internet security technology, including secure communications (SSL), firewalls, encryption and operating systems that have been designed to provide maximum security.

Troubleshooting: Trouble with Signing In

Forgot your Sign-in ID?

  • If you have already enrolled in Online Banking the default User ID provided at enrollment will always work even if you have changed it to a user friendly ID.  Contact us if you have already enrolled in Online Banking and no longer have access to the default User ID at enrollment.

Forgot your password?

  • You may securely choose a new password online by clicking the Reset My Password link on the AuburnBank home page. In order to select a new password online, you will need your account number, Social Security number and you must have a valid email address on file with us. Your password will be reset to the last four of your social security number.
  • If you are an existing AuburnBank customer who has not enrolled in Online Banking, you must enroll before you can access your accounts. Enroll in Online Banking.

How do I change my User ID or password?

  • To change your User ID or password, follow these steps:
    You may also securely choose a new password online by clicking the Reset My Password link on AuburnBank home page. In order to select a new password online, you will need your account number, Social Security number and you must have a valid email address on file with us. Your password will be reset to the last four of your social security number.
    Your User ID can be changed after logging into AuburnBank Online, select Options and submit your new User ID.

Why am I signed off sometimes, or my session expires and I have to sign in again?

  • To prevent unauthorized use of your accounts and prevent others from viewing your information, AuburnBank automatically signs off your Online Banking session after a period of inactivity.

Sometimes when I try to sign in, the ID and password boxes reset to blank fields, but I do not receive any error messages. What is the problem?

  • It is possible that your browser is set to refuse cookies. To enable cookies, follow these steps: (for Internet Explorer 5.0+)
    • Select Tools
      Select Internet Options
      Click the Security tab
      Scroll down to the Cookies heading
      Under Cookies, either Enable or Prompt should be selected for "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" and/or "Allow per session cookies (not stored).
      Click OK
      Click Refresh

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