Commercial Analysis Checking

For our business customers, we offer a checking account specifically designed for you. Your collected account balance during the month determines an earnings allowance which offsets or reduces the account analysis charges during that month. We will assist you in determining the most beneficial minimum balance needed for effective cash management.

Account Analysis Charges:

  • Maintenance Fee:     $10.50 per month
  • Checks Paid:     $.20 per item
  • Deposits Posted:     $.10 per item
  • On-Us Items Deposited:     $.08 per item
  • Transit Items Deposited:     $.15 per item
  • Reserve Requirement:    10%

FDIC Insurance: Charged at the rate charged to AuburnBank

Earnings Credit: 90-day Treasury Bill Index Rate

Negative Funds Charge: Wall Street Journal prime rate plus 3%

Commercial Balance Checking

For our business customers with low transaction volume, we offer our Commercial Balance account.  By maintaining a minimum balance and less than 50 debit transactions, monthly service fees can be avoided.

Contact an AuburnBank representative to help you select the checking account that best meets your business needs.

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