Need a quick and affordable alternative to issuing paper checks? ACH allows you to transfer money into and out of your accounts safely and easily.

It's Convenient

  • •Easily disburse funds to other businesses or individuals.
    •Collect payments from customers' accounts from other financial institutions,
    •Increases reliability and efficiency by electronically transferring funds.

It's Efficient

  • •Makes your cash available by elimating postal and check clearing time.
    •Payments arrive on time for critical transactions like payroll and taxes.
    •ACH provides greater control over cash management through predictable funds. ACH improves cash flow and working capital by allowing you to receive payments faster.

It Saves Money

  • •ACH is a less expensive alternative to other forms of electronic payments.
    •Eliminates the costly process of issuing paper checks.
    •Eliminates inefficient check float.

It's Secure

  • •Provides secure end-to-end encryption.
    •Reduces risk of check fraud.
    •Treasury Management applications offer dual control processing.
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