Remote Deposit Capture

AuburnBank’s Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) service enables you to easily manage your deposits and streamline your workflows. Whether you have one business location or many, you can maintain a single bank relationship. Spend less time depositing checks at the bank and more time running your business.

We place a desktop scanner in your office as a service that is convenient and easy to use. Through a secure internet connection, you just key in the deposit amount, scan the checks and a balanced deposit is created. Your deposit is then securely transmitted to AuburnBank with just one click.  Unlimited deposits can be transmitted any time throughout the day or at the end of your business day, meeting the established AuburnBank extended deposit deadlines.

AuburnBank RDC also offers you the ability to capture data from a remittance coupon that can be exported to update your systems for more efficient processing.

RDC technology allows you to make unlimited deposits to your business account from your office for a low monthly fee.

This service reduces administrative time and expense associated with deposit preparation activities and allows you to consolidate bank accounts from various locations.

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