Adjustable Rate Mortgage

An adjustable rate mortgage* (ARM) is a loan where the interest rate and monthly principal and interest (P&I) payments will adjust periodically.  Loans are available in a variety of terms and typically include interest rate caps that set a limit on how high your interest rate can go.


  • ARMs typically have a lower initial interest rate
  • The interest rate cap limits the maximum amount of your principal + interest payment may increase at each interest rate adjustment and over the life of the loan
  • May provide flexibility if you expect future income growth or if you plan to move or refinance within a few years


  • Monthly principal and interest payments may increase when the interest rate adjusts
  • Your monthly principal and interest payments may change every year after an initial fixed period is over

For more information or to apply for a loan, schedule an appointment with an AuburnBank Mortgage Originator today. 

*All loans are based on approved credit.
*Account disclosures are provided at application.

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