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AuburnBank wants to help you obtain your dreams!  

There are several important matters associated with your decision to buy a new home. Considerations include:

  • Purchasing a home may be your largest financial purchase. It is important to clearly understand what the real estate contract requires of both you and the seller.
  • Arranging for the financing of your new home is also important. It is necessary to understand the steps that you will take to apply for a loan, and if approved, the responsibilities of both you and the lender.
  • Because purchasing a home is an infrequent transaction for most people, it is likely that trends have changed in the real estate market. Rules and regulations may also have changed in real estate financing. For this reason, it is important to partner with both a capable Real Estate Professional and with a qualified Mortgage Lender.  

What should I expect my Real Estate Professional to do for me?

Your realtor will help you narrow down the list of properties available in your market and help you select by:

  • Properly weighing your needs and preferences as you have described them.
  • Helping you determine the difference between a home that appears to be a great buy and one that may have limitations that can complicate your ability to resell in the future.
  • Helping you negotiate the best deal. Real Estate sales contracts can be complex and your agent can help you understand what the agreement will require of both you and the seller.

What should I expect my AuburnBank Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) to do for me?

Your MLO will:

  • Provide counseling and assistance in your selection of the best loan available to meet your situation and goals. Numerous loan programs exist and selecting the one that is best can result in a significant savings to you. 
  • Assist you in filling out your loan application, disclose to you your rights as an applicant, and will make sure that you understand what information you need to provide to the bank in order for your loan to be submitted for approval.
  • Keep you informed of your loan's status throughout the process.

What will be expected of me in the mortgage loan process?

You will need to:

  • Keep your Realtor advised of any new information relating to the purchase contract, questions that arise, or other matters that you feel are significant.
  • Provide both your Realtor and your MLO all information needed in a timely manner.
  • Be prepared for your loan closing by bringing all documents requested by the closing attorney, avoid rescheduling the closing date, and make sure that you have certified funds required at closing (ex: official check).

 For more information or to apply for a loan, schedule an appointment with an AuburnBank Mortgage Originator today. 


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